Can you be too successful?

Jane Lewis with a month’s-worth of blister pack recycling.


Wareham residents have been recycling their blister packs with such enthusiasm that we have to ask you to stop taking them to Bare Necessities and Day Lewis!  We have been taking a full car load to Win on Waste in Corfe Mullen each month, and the charity has to pay £80 for a large box to be filled and sent on to a recycling facility. Wareham’s contributions are enough practically to fill one box every time, and the charity cannot afford to continue to fund this, and nor can we, but we are investigating other possibilities.  
Bare Necessities are still recycling bras and dental products, and you can recycle writing implements at the Library (empty biros, propelling pencils, correction fluid bottles, whiteboard markers, highlighters – but no wooden pencils or glue sticks, please).  You can recycle your blister packs at Superdrug stores in Dorchester and Wimborne as long as their bins aren’t full, but not Poole, and if you know of any other recycling possibilities, do, please, tell us.

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