Hurray for House Martins

Paul Stevens of House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland gave an inspirational talk on building a house martin colony. It’s good to know that taking action for wildlife works! and that we can ALL do something to help these birds and make sure they are not lost from our summer skies.

Schools for Hedgehogs

Although Wareham and Sandford are lucky to have more hedgehogs than most towns in the UK, these funny little creatures are “vulnerable to extinction” and need our help! Sustainable Wareham has therefore mounted a joint project with Dorset Mammal Group to help the hog population thrive.

Swifts, swallows and house martins

With enthusiastic support from residents, in February 2024 we installed 12 artificial nest cups on houses at Westgate and established a monitoring programme to record success.

Enhancing Nature

Wareham lies next to the most biodiverse area of the UK. We want everyone to have the chance to engage with the nature around us, from guided walks to wildlife surveys to keeping an eye on a young tree. Our aim is to promote sustainable practices, including tree and hedge planting and encouraging plants which attract pollinating insects.