Hurray for House Martins

Paul Stevens of House Martin Conservation UK & Ireland gave an inspirational talk on building a house martin colony. It’s good to know that taking action for wildlife works! and that we can ALL do something to help these birds and make sure they are not lost from our summer skies.

New nests for house martins

Thanks to the enthusiastic community at Westgate in Wareham, 12 new artificial nest cups for house martins have been installed on houses there to boost the local colony.

Community Christmas Fair

A huge thank you to all the visitors to our fair last Saturday – over 270 of you! And to all the table holders for displaying such attractive ways for us to have a Sustainable Christmas!

Rapid EV chargers arrive in Wareham

Following a campaign by Sustainable Wareham, the Town Council has agreed to install Rapid Electric Vehicle chargers in Howards Lane car park. Cllr David Budd, the chairman of the Council’s Amenities Committee, has been a strong supporter of our proposal and has managed the project.

New projects

These are some of the projects we are planning to work on this year.

Planting Black Poplars

On 3rd May, Sustainable Wareham volunteers helped plant 20 black poplars on Wareham water-meadows.