Sustainable Tourism

Aims and achievements

Wareham thrives on visitors to the town. We organise projects to encourage visitors to be more sustainable, support local businesses and be mindful of their impact on our community and environment – whilst still enjoying the natural beauty of Purbeck and Wareham.

What does Wareham Want?

We asked people who came to our events what Wareham residents and visitors want from tourism. Some of the themes and suggestions are:

Traffic and transport

  • Annual car free day in Purbeck with Hopper buses to shuttle people
  • Buses with bike spaces, and more bus spaces on trains
  • Car free Quay
  • More bike spaces in the town – with room for buggies
  • 20mph speed limit in town
  • Improve pavement and pedestrian rights.
  • Electric car changing in Wareham

Support local businesses!

  • Local Food fair down the middle of the South Street
  • Food hub with local produce

What do you think?

If you want to be part of the Sustainable Tourism group or have suggestions for action you can contact us:

Vicky Charles

Ecotourism projects

Visit Wareham for Nature and Wildlife

This project puts Wareham on the map as THE base for enthusiasts and experts to explore the unique nature and wildlife of Purbeck. Sustainable Wareham and Visit Wareham, in collaboration with many environmental and conservation organisations, have created a website “Nature and Wildlife – Visit Wareham”, and have produced a leaflet called Visit Wareham for Nature and Wildlife.

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Active and Sustainable Transport

This Project looks for ways we can help residents and visitors to Wareham and the surrounding area reduce our high dependency on cars. Some of it is as simple as improving the pavements and footpaths so that walking is the natural choice for everyday local journeys. Other action is more ambitious such as supporting safe cycling through led rides.

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