Renewable Energy

Aims and achievements

We aim to collect information concerning renewable energy from government and councils, together with best practice from research organisations.  We want to help local businesses and residents to turn good intentions into actions to heat and light their homes and premises, and make transport choices that will allow them to act more sustainably.

Solar panels

Sustainable Wareham are keen to support households wishing to install solar panels on their roofs.  It saves energy and costs and is good for the environment.  Energy costs are coming down but are still very high (see below).

We would like to notify people of three local suppliers.  We would advise you to get at least two quotes as each supplier may have a different solution for your property.

H2Eco – 3A Glenmore Business Park Holton Heath BH16 6NC
Tel : 01202 918486

Greenleaf Energy Solutions– Unit 1 Bayside Business Centre, Sovereign Business park, Willis Way, Poole BH15 3TB
Tel: 01202 788338

Good Property Services
Tel: 07738 017377

Energy Prices

The government have announced that the Energy Price Guarantee for the period July – September 2023 will average £2074, a reduction from £2500 currently. It is forecast that there may be a further slight reduction in October. However, every household is different and will pay more or less than this average. The detailed costs which can be used to calculate household bills are as follows.

Electricity. 31.2 p/Kw plus 49.6 p /day standing charge

Gas 7.5p/Kw. Plus 29.1p/day standing charge.

So if you know your energy usage it is possible to calculate your actual bill from the above table.

It is still imperative that every household tries to minimise their energy usage as these costs are still very high.

Sustainable Wareham Energy Information

5 most expensive Household appliances and percentage contribution to typical energy bill*

1.  14%  Wet appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers

Tip: Wash at low temperatures, fill dishwasher and use eco setting, only use tumble dryer sparingly

2.  13%. Fridge / Fridge freezer – on 24 hours

Tip: Only buy highest rated equipment – it will repay investment

3.  6%  Consumer Electronics: TVs, game consoles, laptops etc

Tip: Turn off rather than leave on standby

4.  5% Lighting

Tip: replace all lights with LED’s and switch off rooms not using

5.  4% Cooking: Hob, kettle, oven, microwave

Tip: Microwaves more efficient than ovens. Do not overfill kettles. Use slow cooker if available

*According to Energy Saving Trust



Suggested ways to save on gas usage

1.  Turn down thermostats – every 1 degree can save 10%

2.  Use timer on central heating so only on when needed

3.  Use draught excluders on doors and windows

4.  Close curtains at dusk to save heat loss

5.  Ensure Water tank stores water at just 55 degrees (if there is one)

6.  Adjust flow temperature to radiators and set at 0 degrees and no more

7.  Adjust combi boiler control to lowest comfortable setting – trial and error

8.  Install solar panels to heat the water

9.  Consider heat pump when replacing  gas boiler

Help & advice for energy bills​

These companies can help their customers in serious difficulties: OVO, British Gas, Scottish Power, EON, EDF, Octopus, Shell. Call and discuss the situation.

Further Advice

Citizens Advice:

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