Schools for Hedgehogs

Although Wareham and Sandford are lucky to have more hedgehogs than most towns in the UK, these funny little creatures are “vulnerable to extinction” and need our help! Sustainable Wareham has therefore mounted a joint project with Dorset Mammal Group to help the hog population thrive.

In the Schools for Hedgehogs project we have: 

Run a series of sessions for 10-year-olds across our 3 primary schools, telling youngsters about the hazards hogs face every day and how they can actively make a difference to local populations.

Supported the 10-year-olds carry out detailed surveys of their school grounds, identifying potential hoggy threats and coming up with suggestions of how to make their grounds more “hog-friendly” such as

  • ramps in ponds so that hogs don’t drown,
  • routes where hogs can travel safely being marked with a sign to keep them accessible and
  • leaving lots of “untidy” areas with brambles, logs and leaves.

The plan is that over the course of a year these children will actively make a difference to their environments as well as by spreading the word, talking to other children at school, their families and perhaps even the wider community about how all of us can help. In return, the schools will qualify for bronze, silver or gold awards, with iindividual children also earning rewards to celebrate success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help hedgehogs please contact Sustainable Wareham at
In addition, if you shop at the Coop and have a Rewards card, you may also be interested supporting a separate local hedgehog project which is aiming to raise awareness across the community; select this as one of your “causes” via this link


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