New recycling opportunities at local shops

Our ‘Rethinking Rubbish’ workstream volunteers have been working hard to find new local recycling opportunities for previously hard to recycle items.

If you’ve been holding on to various items thinking, “surely there should be a way to recycle this,” then you may now find you can do so!

We’re delighted to announce the following items can now be recycled at the following shops in town:

Empty medicine blister packs at Bare Necessities and Day Lewis Pharmacy in South Street, Wareham.

Dental items such as manual and electric toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes at Bare Necessities in South Street, Wareham.

Writing implements such as biros, ink pens, felt tips, highlighters and markers at Wareham Library.

Day Lewis Pharmacy and Wareham Library have dedicated ‘Sustainable Wareham’ branded recycling bins, that our group has funded.

Sustainable Wareham will collect these items regularly and initially we will get them recycled with the help of Wimborne War on Waste, who are absolutely brilliant! 🙂

Thank you to all the shops who are helping, it’s great that you’re prepared to help the community in this way.

Alison at Wareham Library tries out the new recycling bin
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