No Bin, Planet Win!

“Use your loaf - save dough!” was our mantra for a recent foodie workshop held at Wareham United Reformed Church. All sorts of bread from the local Sainsbury’s and Co-op, otherwise destined for landfill, was saved by Wareham Community Fridge and chosen by Felicity for greater things – a star-bakery role in our ½ day workshop!

Funded by money donated by the Coop Community Fund to Sustainable Wareham, the pilot event had 2 aims: to turn a “waste” ingredient often found in our Community Fridge into simple but yummy meals and to have fun with friends!

Using her considerable experience from managing the Community Cafe, Felicity soon got our 11 participants working! Bloomers were buttered & generously daubed withmarmalade, baguettes soaked into Pappa al Pomodoro soup, walnut cobs melded into dried fruit and orange juice for cake, giant garlic cloves smashed to pulp ………! Everyone joined in as much as they wanted and as the aromas mixed and people chatted, tummies started to rumble!

2 hours later, we all sat down to sample our efforts – Spanish soup to start, followed by a savoury bread & butter pudding plus garlic bread, then orange & cranberry gin bread & butter pudding and a slice of well-spiced bread pud to finish!! In spirit with the aims of the event, there was absolutely no waste with all the dishes going home either in our tums or in containers for later!!

A big “shout out” to everyone who supported or donated items including the Community Fridge, Bare Necessities, the Jam Lady, East Creech Farm, plus Sustainable Wareham and the United Reformed Church.

Feedback was very positive and we thought we might repeat the event quarterly using produce from seasonal gluts! So do keep a look out for the next No Bin, Planet Win event, perhaps showcasing tomatoes, courgettes, apples or squash…. you never know, we might even go bananas!

Karen Naylor, Sustainable Wareham & Felicity Roberts, Wareham URC

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