Rapid EV chargers arrive in Wareham

Following a campaign by Sustainable Wareham, the Town Council has agreed to install Rapid Electric Vehicle chargers in Howards Lane car park. Cllr David Budd, the chairman of the Council’s Amenities Committee, has been a strong supporter of our proposal and has managed the project.

Although the proposal was approved in principle 18 months ago, there have been many obstacles to overcome, including planning consent, the need to upgrade electricity cables, and permission for them to cross private land. But at long last two rapid chargers are now up and running in Howards Lane.

These chargers will enable residents and visitors to quickly charge their electric cars in the town, maybe visiting our shops and cafes while their vehicle is charging. 

This is a great step forward for Wareham.  Despite the government’s recent decision to delay the deadline for phasing out petrol cars, the numbers of electric cars on the road are growing fast, and they are clearly here to stay.  It’s great to see Wareham recognising this development by installing these chargers, encouraging existing owners of electric cars to visit the town and support local businesses, and hopefully persuading more people to go green by going electric.

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