Sustainable Wareham is growing!

Mary Morris
Mary Morris

A new environmental group born out of a Women’s Institute has taken root in Wareham.

Sustainable Wareham is the brainchild of founder Mary Morris, who has been the Climate Ambassador for Stoborough WI for two years.

She decided to take things beyond the realms of the WI to launch an open-to-all unisex group based in Wareham but including surrounding villages, such as Stoborough and Sandford, to tackle the issues of climate change and sustainability.

She has already gathered a 20-strong team around her but hopes to attract many more.

Mary said: “Wareham is very special. I believe there are so many people in the area who care deeply about the town and its environment but haven’t had an outlet that will bring them all together so they can do something to help. I’m hoping Sustainable Wareham will be it.

“We’ve had a lot of interest already through people who know members of the group and expect much more once word gets out.”

The group’s initial aims are to improve litter control, promote ecotourism and persuade local businesses, farms and residents to move towards sustainability and the use of renewable energy.

Mary said: “For example we would like to try to influence companies to move away from plastic, particularly those that use bottles.

“But we don’t want to criticize them – we want to help them and work with them by doing things like investigating whether there would be any funding available.

“We will also be lobbying the town council but, again, in a spirit of cooperation.”

On climate change, Mary added: “It seems pretty obvious what’s happening to our planet and the possible solutions are fairly clear and straightforward. Getting there is the difficult bit.

“Sustainable Wareham will be doing what it can to improve the situation without overcomplicating things. Actions need to be doable in a reasonable timeframe. Many that we’ve seen are about targets in 2040 or 2050 but all that’s doing is postponing everything. We will be focusing on actions as if we only have ten years to make a difference.”

If you wish to get involved with Sustainable Wareham or just find out more, please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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