Can you be too successful?

Wareham residents have been recycling their blister packs with such enthusiasm that we have to ask you to stop taking them to Bare Necessities and Day Lewis!

New recycling opportunities at local shops

Our ‘Rethinking Rubbish’ workstream volunteers have been working hard to find new local recycling opportunities for previously hard to recycle items. If you’ve been holding on to various items thinking, “surely there should be a way to recycle this,” then you may now find you can do so! We’re delighted to announce the following items […]

Purbeck Repair Café is in Wareham this Saturday 14th May!

The Purbeck Repair Café is in Wareham this Saturday 14th May, from 10am to 2pm, in Wareham Town Hall. Our focus this time is on simple sewing repairs such as visible mending, learning simple sewing techniques and repurposing old clothes to make something you’d like to wear again. Just bring an item and your ideas […]

Recycle your chocolate tubs! Some pubs will take your empty plastic chocolate/biscuit tubs for recycling and raise money for charity. Must be clean, 5/PP grade plastic.

The Green Dress

Following our fundraising event at half term, we took some lovely clothes to The Green Dress, 10 South Street in Wareham, next door to Bare Necessities. The Green Dress sells good quality preowned clothing on a sale or return basis. The first item quickly found a new owner who kindly agreed to model the coat […]

Sustainable Wareham Half-Term Children’s Workshop and Stalls

Community Fun for all ages at Half-Term Wednesday, 27 October, 2021 10am-12.15pm at Stoborough Village Hall Come and join us at Sustainable Wareham’s first fundraising event, where there will be a children’s workshop as well as refreshments and cakes, bric-a-brac, pre-loved clothes (adults and children), toys, books and puzzles, and of course a raffle and our […]

Wanda in Wareham

Another successful day for Wanda the Waste Warrior Fish. Shelley Cranshaw, Chair of Arne Parish Council, and Jackie Hall, Wareham Town Crier, joined the Sustainable Wareham team by the Frome river. Photos courtesy of Linda Goulding.

Wanda the Waste Warrior on tour

The Purbeck Tour has started. The fish is gobbling up cans and plastic bottles near the Lulworth Visitor Centre and visitors are definitely interested. Wanda at Studland!